Harnessing Plasticity to Reset Dysfunctional Neurons

Lozano, Andreas MD, PhD,

New England Journal of Medicine, 2011 April 7; 364(14):1367-68

Reversing pathological neural activity using targeted plasticity

Engineer Navzer, Riley Jonathan, Seale Jonathan, Vrana Will, Shetake Jai, SudanaguntaSindu, Borland Michael, and KilgardMichael,

Nature 2011 Jan, vol. 470, pp. 101-104

Neurofeedback 2.0

Arns M, De Ridder D. 

Journal of Neurotherapy, 15:91:93 (2011)

Auditory neuroscience: how to stop tinnitus by buzzing the vagus

Neuromodulation:Technology at the Neural Interface, Vol. 14, Issue 3 285-292 May/June 2011 Schnupp J. ,

Curr Biol. 21:263-5 (2011)

Experience Dependent Plasticity Alters Cortical Synchronization

Kilgard MP, Vazquez JL, Engineer ND, Pandya PK.

Hearing Research. 229:171-179, 2007

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